Food & Beverage Industry

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Food and Beverage

SHOPGRID® manufacturing execution system (MES) can provide significant benefits to food and beverage manufacturers by optimizing and streamlining their production processes. MES is a software platform that provides real-time visibility and control over manufacturing operations, enabling manufacturers to manage production more efficiently.
For food and beverage manufacturers, SHOPGRID® MES can help to improve the quality, safety, and traceability of their products. The software platform can monitor the entire production process, from raw material sourcing to finished product packaging, in real-time, providing operators with data on production rates, quality metrics, and compliance with regulatory requirements. This data can be used to identify issues early, such as quality control problems, equipment malfunctions, or deviations from standard operating procedures, and take corrective action before they escalate into major problems.
SHOPGRID® can also be used to optimize the production process, reducing waste, and minimizing downtime. For example, the software platform can schedule production runs based on demand forecasts, optimize recipes and formulations to reduce ingredient waste, and monitor equipment to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency. This can help food and beverage manufacturers to reduce costs, improve productivity, and meet the increasing demands of consumers for high-quality, safe, and sustainable products.
SHOPGRID® MES can help food and beverage manufacturers to improve traceability and compliance with regulatory requirements. The software platform can track the origin of raw materials, the movement of finished products through the supply chain, and the compliance with regulatory standards such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) or the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This can help manufacturers to quickly identify and isolate any contaminated products, minimize the impact of a recall, and maintain consumer trust.
SHOPGRID®s MES can provide food and beverage manufacturers with significant benefits, including improved quality, safety, and traceability of their products, reduced costs, and increased productivity. By providing real-time visibility and control over manufacturing operations, the software platform can help manufacturers to optimize their processes, improve compliance, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.
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PIA’s flexibility to build the SHOPGRID® platform to fit our exact needs has made it impossible to leave them. We will simply not find this versatility anywhere else.
Justin S
If you care about customer service and problem solving, the SHOPGRID® team will blow you away. They are always there for their customers, no matter the time of day.
Brett Z
Over the years, PIA has totally transformed our operations with SHOPGRID®. We are more profitable and efficient because they are constantly innovating for us.
Andrew H
When we were in a time crunch, we knew who we needed to call. The SHOPGRID® team deployed their platform ahead of schedule and saved the day for us.
Bill G
SHOPGRID® is the most all-encompassing manufacturing operating system I have seen in all my career. It does more than just monitor and report. It can also control the entire shop floor.
Eric A
The team at PIA has never backed down from one of the challenges we have thrown at them, and they have always delivered.
James P
I can not tell you how great it is to not have to settle for an out-of-the-box solution! Custom software from PIA has made our lives so much easier.
Kyle K
Scrap went down and productivity went up when we started using the SHOPGRID® platform!
Scott A
With the ability to standardize all of the screens on the plant floor, SHOPGRID® has significantly shortened our training time for new employees.
Jack M
SHOPGRID® is the best system to help extract actionable data to make better decisions and improve the production process.
Kevin M
As we continue to grow, SHOPGRID® has been vital in helping us stay organized and creating visibility from the shop floor up to management.
Jeff T